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IUPAC Strategic Plan -- 2000-2001

Long-Range Goals

To further its mission, IUPAC has established a set of long-range Goals and has formulated strategic thrusts that are aimed at achieving each of the Goals. The Goals are summarized here; follow link to the complete set of Goals and Strategic Thrusts for the current biennium.

1. IUPAC will serve as a scientific, international, nongovernmental body in objectively addressing global issues involving the chemical sciences. Where appropriate, IUPAC will represent the interests of chemistry in governmental and nongovernmental forums.

> Goals and Strategic Thrusts

2. IUPAC will provide tools (e.g., standardized nomenclature and methods) and forums to help advance international research in the chemical sciences.

> Goals and Strategic Thrusts

3. IUPAC will assist chemistry-related industry in its contributions to sustainable development, wealth creation, and improvement in the quality of life.

> Goals and Strategic Thrusts

4. IUPAC will facilitate the development of effective channels of communication in the international chemistry community.

> Goals and Strategic Thrusts

5. IUPAC will promote the service of chemistry to society in both developed and developing countries.

> Goals and Strategic Thrusts

6. IUPAC will utilize its global perspective to contribute toward the enhancement of education in chemistry and to advance the public understanding of chemistry and the scientific method.

> Goals and Strategic Thrusts

7. IUPAC will make special efforts to encourage the career development of young chemists.

> Goals and Strategic Thrusts

8. IUPAC will broaden the geographical base of the Union and ensure that its human capital is drawn from all segments of the world chemistry community.

> Goals and Strategic Thrusts

9. IUPAC will encourage worldwide dissemination of information about the activities of the Union.

> Goals and Strategic Thrusts

10. IUPAC will assure sound management of its resources to provide maximum value for the funds invested in the Union.

> Goals and Strategic Thrusts

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> Mission Statement
> Long-Range Goals
> Goals and Strategic Thrusts -- 2000-2001
> Implementation and Updating of the Strategic Plan

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