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Executive Summary


The key attributes desired of the Project Evaluation Process are that it provide a simple and rapid method for selecting projects to be carried out by IUPAC and its Divisions. It is expected that most of the steps in the process will be carried out by e-mail. Decisions on funding will be made throughout the course of the year as projects are submitted. Most projects will be evaluated and funded by the various Division Committees from their budgets. Interdivisional, Standing Committee and "large" projects will be evaluated and funded by the Project Committee of the Bureau from a separate fund.
The two general qualities all projects must have to be funded are that they represent good science and that they are something that IUPAC, as opposed to some other organization, should do.

Process Description - Division Committee Projects
Any individual or group that wishes to submit a project for funding by IUPAC will be able to download a Project Submission Form and Instructions on the IUPAC Web Site or obtain a printed copy from the Secretariat. After completion, the form, and any supporting material, is sent to the Secretariat for distribution to the appropriate Division Committee. If the Division Committee decides to consider the project further, it chooses three reviewers from those named on the submission form or selects reviewers based on its own experience. The Secretariat then distributes the project materials to the reviewers, assembles the reviewers' comments and distributes them both to the Division Committee and the project submitters. After receiving the comments, if any, on the reviews by the project submitters the Division Committee makes a funding decision.

Process Description - Project Committee Projects
Interdivisional Projects are first evaluated by the relevant Division Committees. The project materials are then forwarded, along with any comments by the Division Committee, to the Project Committee. They evaluate the materials submitted and make their decision on funding. The same process is followed for projects in the area of a Standing Committee, except that the original evaluation is by the Standing Committee. Large projects are those that would require more than 10% of the budget of a Division. These would also be forwarded by the Division Committee to the Project Committee for a funding decision.

Project Management
The technical aspects of all projects would be managed by the Division Committee(s) or Standing Committee, including those funded by the Project Committee. For centrally funded Projects, the Project Committee would review project expenditures. Each project group would submit progress reports at agreed upon intervals.

Retrospective Evaluation
Projects will be retrospectively evaluated by the Evaluation Committee of the Bureau two-three years after completion. The criteria used will be those suggested by the project group in its proposal and others chosen by the Committee. CPEC has recommended that projects completed in past few years be evaluated in 1999.
For membership and the charge to the Committee, please see the notice of June 1998, on CPEC

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