African Association of Pure and Applied Chemistry


  • To provide a forum for the exchange among scientists and development agents of scientific information on the state of the chemical sciences in Africa.
  • To foster research in the chemical sciences.
  • To cooperate with other international bodies which pursue aims and objectives similar to those of AAPAC
  • To promote mutually beneficial interdependent linkages between industry and other entrepreneurial bodies on one hand and research institutes including universities on the other.

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> Vol 1 No 2: September 2000
> Vol 1 No 1: February 2000

> Chemistry in Africa's Least Developed Countries - An Overview of Capacity Building and Research Support, C.F. Garbers, Foundation for Research Development, South Africa

> Chemistry in the Development of Africa, Reports of the IUPAC-AAPAC Joint Meeting, 11 July 98, Durban, Republic of South Africa

Web Center for African Chemistry

There you will find links to the virtual headquarters of all African chemical societies, as well as links to other institutions and resources that are pertinent to chemistry in Africa.

Other Links
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> South African Chemical Institute (SACI)

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